Embedded Studio

With a Serious Integrated Communication Module (SCM) you get a free-of-charge license for Embedded Studio.
You can then use Embedded Studio to develop any application for this module.

The license needs a one-time activation which you can do here.

The sections below describe, where you can find the information required for the activation.

Module Serial Number

The 16-digit hex Serial Number of your module can be found two different ways. If you still have the packaging from your development kit, it is printed on the label on the packaging. This number is also available electronically and an article for how to extract this number can be found at the Serious Support site .

MAC Address

The easiest way to find your MAC address is with Embedded Studio.
Open Embedded Studio and go to Tools -> License Manager.
Select Diagnose Problems.
Find the Ethernet Adapter, which refers to your network card.
Copy the MAC address.